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Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence

The acclaimed Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence (3rd ed.)(updated biannually) treatise and accompanying Best Practices Guides are available to assist with your ediscovery needs. The list of publications includes:

Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence (3rd ed.) treatise. 
Best Practice Guides (Guides are updated annually):
 - Information Technology Primer for Lawyers 
 - Legal Hold
 - ESI Pretrial Discovery - Strategy and Tactics. 
 - Electronic Discovery and Evidence                                                                       Companion CD-ROM - contains all publications, full text of cases and hyperlinked for your convenience, and practice forms, planning guides, IT discovery questions and other resources.

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 Information Technology Primer for Legal Professionals

The Information Technology Primer (updated annually) provides a much needed primer in understanding "electronically stored information" (ESI), the creation, storage and deletion of ESI, and  the “information technology infrastructure” of organizations.  Understanding the infrastructure and technology concepts will enable legal professionals to apply e-discovery legal mandates in order to request and produce “electronically stored information” (ESI). The primer includes important sections in identifying, locating and managing “electronically stored information” (ESI) using computer technology.
Contents include:
 - Overview of IT in organizations and the electronic discovery process.
 - IT infrastructure of a company's IT people, hardware, software and networks.
 - ESI types, file systems and structure of data.
 - Sources, storage, locations, metadata and concealment of ESI
 - Computer technology available to search, identify, review and produce ESI




Legal Hold

The Legal Hold Best Practices Guide (updated annually) provides strategic guidance, recommendations and practice forms for legal professionals, including corporate counsel, in preparing for and implementing a “legal hold.” This Guide covers the components of a litigation readiness plan to ensure that your client can identify, preserve, collect, process, and review electronic data for disclosure in a timely manner. Such a proactive approach will contribute to your success by properly identifying and preserving ESI once a triggering event occurs.



ESI Pretrial Discovery -- Strategy and Tactics
This Best Practices Guide (updated annually) contains strategy and tactics for handling sixteen specific ESI issues throughout pretrial discovery. These include scope of discovery, preservation obligation, controlling costs, search methodology, form of production, accessibility of ESI and cost allocation, and much more. Whether it is a “meet and confer” or request for production, these are the sixteen critical issues to focus on in requesting or producing ESI.

• The Basics of Electronic Discovery
• Preparing an Overall Plan and Strategy
• ESI Issues and Strategy - Sixteen Crtitcal Issues
• Litigation Stages and Procedural Discovery Rules

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Electronic Discovery and Evidence

This Best Practices Guide (updated annually) provides a practical step-by-step guide covering the legal and technology issues involved in requesting or producing electronic data. It contains critical cross-references to the treatise where you can find more information on each topic.

• The Basics of Electronic Discovery
• Electronic Discovery Plan
• Steps to Requesting Electronic Information
• Steps to Responding to an Electronic Discovery Request
• Admission of Electronic Evidence
• Amended Federal Rules and Comm. Notes
• NEW - "Meet and Confer" Planning Guide 

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"Michael Arkfeld's treatise on e-discovery is peerless among print publications. No other volume offers the encyclopedic treatment of the topic and its depth and breadth of scholarship. Michael Arkfeld lucidly weaves practical knowledge gleaned from years at the bar with a professorial commitment to case law and best practices. Though books on fast-moving topics are obsolete almost from the moment of publication, the loose-leaf format and ancillary online resources of the Arkfeld work insure that it can continue to deliver the best features of both media.

Michael Arkfeld's book sets the standard by which all its successors are judged, and it has yet to be supplanted as the seminal work in the field. If you buy one book on electronic discovery, this is the one to buy."

                                                                Craig Ball, "Attorney & Forensic Examiner"


Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence (4rd Ed.) treatise and Best Practices Guides

Law Partner Publishing and Lexis are pleased to provide you with Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence (3rd ed.)(updated biannually). Building on the well-organized and acclaimed second edition of this treatise, the third edition is revised, enhanced in both substance and format, and expanded to cover the latest issues affecting e-discovery. These include: search types, protocol, and certification of search methodology; “legal hold” detailed analysis regarding “triggering events”; FRE 502 section analyzing inadvertent disclosure, attorney-client privilege and work product and limitations on waiver as well as a host of other ediscovery issues. This expanded edition builds upon the sections providing detailed analysis of technology concepts, authoritative discussion of court rules related to electronic information, case summaries of both federal and state cases, and an extended library of forms, checklists, and practical pointers.

In addition to the significant enhancements to this edition is a new 47-page section entitled Information Technology Discovery Questions on the CD-ROM that is designed to use in preparation of a discovery plan, client questionnaire, adversary preservation questions, meet and confer conferences, depositions, interrogatories, and request to produce and inspect. Learn more . . .


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When ordering the treatise from Lexis-Nexis the following Guides are included or they can be purchased separately:

 - Arkfeld's Best Practices Guide: IT Primer for Legal Professionals (updated annually) 

This guide provides a much needed primer in understanding the “information technology infrastructure” of organizations. Learn more . . .

 - Arkfeld's Best Practices Guide for Legal Hold  (updated annually)

This guide provides provides strategic guidance and recommendations for legal professionals in preparing for and implementing a “litigation hold.” Learn more . . .

 - Arkfeld's Best Practices Guide to Electronic Discovery and Evidence  (updated annually)

This guide provides a practical step-by-step guide on how to request or produce electronic data. It contains critical cross-references to the treatise where you can find more information on each topic. In addtion, it contains a "meet and confer" guide.   Learn more . . .

 - Arkfeld's Best Practices Guide for ESI Pretrial Discovery-Strategy and Tactics  (updated annually).

This Guide contains strategy and tactics for handling sixteen specific ESI issues throughout pretrial discovery.  Learn more . . .

 - Companion CD-ROM

Built on the Folio platform, the companion CD-ROM is fully searchable and easy to navigate. It contains the full text of the Treatise and the Best Practices Guide with hypertext links to the full text of referenced case law and statutes materials cited by the author. It also contains forms, checklists and other resources. All the materials are contained on the CD-ROM itself – no need to go online! The user-friendly and intuitive interface allows you to take advantage of improved search technologies, as well as to print, copy and paste, and save material to your computer.

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Publishing Alliance

LexisNexis Publishing Solutions and Law Partner Publishing, LLC (LPP) have formed a publishing alliance to offer print and electronic publications on electronic discovery and evidence for law firms, government agencies and other legal professionals.

Benefits of this alliance include:

• The release of the 3rd edition of the acclaimed treatise Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence;
• The addition of a fully-functional CD-ROM with hypertext links from the treatise to full text of case opinions, statutes and regulations;
Best Practices Guides with practical checklist and guidance tips, tricks and pointers for practitioners.



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